No23 Mk1,2 & 3 Grenades.

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New updates with Red Descriptions

Old Picture from Book.

How to throw a Mills bomb

Early sectioned version.

Mk1 B

Mk 1 E

Posssible Elmbank

H&R Lt

Mk1 H.Hope, no threded hole for rod.

Mk1 M.P.

Mason & Porter ?

May & Padmore.?




D & M.B. ?

Mk 2 F.L c


Mk2 M.M & Co

Mills Munitions

Mk3 A.B.S. Ltd

Mk3 Very Rare Ally Version X

Mk3 D

Mk3 D in diamond.

Davis Gas Stove Company Ltd

(Diamond Foundry)

Mk3 This is marked on the rear segments with E F either side of the Lever.

Mk3 G.H.

A ?

Mk3 F & S

Forrest and Sym, Manchester.

Mk3 Gibbons Spring Training Grenade.

Top View

Side View

H & T.V 1918

Mk3 H.H. & S. ?

Mk3 J.C.C.

Mk3 M&Co M.


Morum & Co.

Mk3 M.G.Y.

Mk3 M.M.

Mills Munitions

M.S ?



Tipton Street. ?

Revo Electric Co Ltd.

Mk3 R.

Mk3 T.H.Ltd


Thorpe Arch Ltd.

Mk3 W&C / L

Wilkins & Co London


Vicory Patents Ltd

10, Devonshire Grove, Old Kent Road, London SE15.





Mk3 Training Grenade for cup discharger X

Solid Ally Practice.

Selection of No23 Det Anvils and Copper coated striker spring.

Russian Version No23 Mk3, with gas check