No 36 M Mk1 Grenades From 1946 To Present Day.

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K in Stars 1952.

A Kenrick & Sons West Bromwich

K in Stars 1958

A Kenrick & Sons West Bromwich

I.B.R. 1958

Ideal Boilers and Radiators ?

1958 Complete Grenade tube Assembly, apparenty Seized in Iraq, first gulf war by U.S. EOD unit.

Front Assembled View.

Rear View

T.G.& Co. 1966

Thomas Glover & Co.

Q, 1970 Qualcast.

Q, 1972 Qualcast. Last Mills grenade used by the british.

Last of the British mills.

Q, 1972 Qualcast.

Side view

Q, 1972 Qualcast Base plug.

Somali No36 1983 ?

This example was taken from Somlie rebels ( NOT ME)

Any Info on this would help.

Packistan No36,

No markings.


Isrealy No36

Sectioned Version.

Inert Det set for Israly Mills.

Isrealy Practice No36

Packistan frag.X if any one has one of these for sale please contact Me

Indian No36s if any one has one of these for sale please contact Me


Belguim No36 Det Tube.

Dutch Practice No36 Grenades.

New markings added to Box Date Unknown

Repainted WW2 Box

Belguim Practice Grenade used with smoke det set.

These grenades have the filler screw removed the det tube cut so when the det set is struck smoke is emmited from the filler hole to show where the grenade landed

Belguim Smoke Det set