No 5 Mk 1 Grenades.

Most of these examples have no markings on the bodies, Thus identifying them is very difficult.

The base plug Markings are not necessary the makers of the body, this rule applies to most of the No5 Grenades on this page.

I have not included all the No5s in my collection as it is very difficult to show the differences in each example in a picture.

Thank you to Gondrand Callewaert for the help in setting up this page

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Original Paint

Mills Grenade in Section

Dunkirk Grenade Slotted Striker, only found on this type of No5.

Dunkirk Grenade. this grenade was produced in a French factory at Dunkirk during WW1

Rodded Dunkirk Grenade Base

This Training No5 has a striker that is modified so the lever is flicked of and easily recocked again.

Grenade Hand Practice No5 (mark 1) /L / Dummy.

This was for drill throwing practice purposes. The pattern was sealed in 1916; it should have been filled with sand, painted white with the word PRACTICE stencilled in black.

Dummy Throwing Practice Base plug.

Adapted base plug with rod set in.

The base plug was modified with a mild steel rod 7 mm in diameter and 34mm long, it works by the striker only comes down enough to flick the lever off and is easily reset with out takeing the base plug off.

S.B & Co Dummy Throwing Practice

Rubber Practice Grenade.

River bank cast training example.

Towler & Son Ltd, of Riverbank Works, Stratford, London, E15

Rear view with makers mark

filled with wood chips ?


Towler & Son Ltd, of Riverbank Works, Stratford, London, E15

Solid Brass Body X

Early Centre cast version

Early Centre cast version

Unfinnished Centre cast Body.

Unfinnished Centre cast Body.



H&B Ltd

unfinished body used as practice grenade


No Markings on Body only No5 Mk1 on Base Plug

Early sectioned version

Solid ally practice No 5

B 3

Russian Practice Lead filled