Clandestine Warfare Weapons.                   

       Produced for S.O.E. & O.S.S. Forces.             

MD1 Mk1 Bee Hive Demolition Charge.

Top View

Sectioned Clam With L Dely

Top Mk1 Clam, Left, Russian Clam Sent as Aid To Russia, Right bottom Standard Mk3 Clam All Produced by MD1.

Selection of Det containers, Packaging, Snout tin, Explosives Container and some very good repro Exposives.

Slow Burning Fuse

Primer Tin (Top) No8 Pressure Switch and L Delay Tin.

Limpet Mine and A/C Delay Tin. X.

A/C Delay Tin.

Limpet Burster Tin.

OSS A/C Delay

SOE A/C Delay Tin

Soe A/C Delay

Small A/C Delay

Pocket Incendiarys

Mk1 Limpet Mine X

Different Magnets on Right Example X

No10 Mk1 Time Pencil.

No10 Time Pencils and Fog Signal igniters Bottom Centre, L Delays.

Fog Igniters in Tin.

Trip wire(top), Fuse Cross Over Connector, Pull igniter Mk3, No1 Switch Mk1 and a Det Tin with Tool.

Tyre mines Dissembled, The one on Right is a WW2 German copy, If any one Has some info on this please could you let me know.

Coal Charge. X

Internal view of Coal Charge. X.

Outer layer. X

Tyre Mine Igniter Tin (Base Plug for Scale)

Tin containing Tyre mines

Rock Mine with Tyre mine thats inside (Top View)

Bottom View

Side View

Half Run Over Horse Turd Mine.

Exploding Horse Turd Mine. X

Bottom View of Horse Turd Mine. X

OSS Pocket Incendary

Large Incendairy

Shaving Stick Incendairy.

G.P.Grenade with Air Pressure Fuse (top view) X

Side View X

Switch, No. 2, Pressure Mk. II

Switch, No. 3, Release Mk. I

Developed by MD1, this was the main British release switch of WWII, likely used for a time after the war as well.


Switch, No.7 Pull/Pressure Mk. I.


This was an electrical switch that could be set for between 5 and 35 pounds pressure or release.

No8 Switch or debollocker

No 10 Switch Tin

A.P Switch Cartridge

No12 Anti-lift Switch

Rapper from PE No2.

Gun Cotton Tin, the screw in centre of lid can be removed and a Igniter can be fixed to make a demolition charge. X

Gun Cotton Tins

L Delay Tin Lid.

Paper Decription of contents

Time chart acording to temperature

L Delays in tin

Tyre Mine and Explosive Pack X

SOE Tree Projectile. X

Container Display. X

Demo Display. X

Tubes used for various fillings ( grease, explosive or a smelly liquid)

Black Parachute for Container Night Dropping.

C Type Drop Container

Demolition Explosive Box

Container Det Cord Tin

Piat Anti Tank

SOE & OSS Concusion Igniter

Anerometer X

Demo Charge Post WW2 But same as WW2 Versions

Demo Charge Post WW2 But same as WW2 Versions

2 Soe Explosive Capsules and Bangalore torpedo head

SOE Det Crimpers

Mk2 Brassard boards and fuse igniters

No27 Det tin and Drill dets

Beno fuse

A Big thank you to Eric for sending in the following pictures of his collection for all to look at. X