British Grenades from WW1.

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Batty Grenade

Bronze Batty

This example was recovered from a battle field in the ypres area, yes its real, the guy who owns it was in the EOD for 27 years collecting this stuff for disposal and his own collection.

No1 Mk1.

This example was originaly No1 but it has been modified by the cutting the long handle which now makes it a No1 Mk1,

so im informed any Way.

No 1 Mk3

No3 Mk1

No3 Mk2 & Transit Can.

Practice No5.


Hales No10

Hales No10

No 11

No14 Pitcher Grenade.


No 20 Mk1

No20 drill

No20 Mk2

No 24 Mk1

No24 Mk2


No34 MkIII

No34 Mk III Practice

No35 Mk1



Ranging rod

Townsend Rifle Grenade Body.

No 22 Mk1 Newton Pippin