German Bombs of WW2 In My Collection.

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1 Kg Practice Bomb

25a Fuse box

50 Kg Bomb rack

250 kg Flam Bomb

SD 250 kg Bomb

SC 50 Bomb

SC 70 Bomb

SD 0.5 kg Bomb on right

SD10 Bombs

SD1 FRZ Bomb

Selection of SD 1 Bombs

Ally Sd2 Bomb wings

SD2 A Practice Butterfly Bomb

SD2 A Butterfly bomb

SD2 B Butterfly bomb

SD4 Concrete practice Bomb

SD 70 Bomb

70 Kg Smoke Bomb

1kg Explosive end Incendiary Bomb

Selection of Incendiary Bombs

4 candle Illuminating Bomb

Cut Butterfly Bomb wings