Mills Grenade Accessories.

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I Have removed the Mills Boxes from this page and will soon Build a page just on Boxes.

WW1 bombers hook and No5 det Anvils

WW1 No 23 Det Tin

Internal view of No23 Det Tin

No36 Det tins WW2 British

No36 Det Tins, 3 & 12 Compartment. Post war

Late Det Tin

View showing 3 Dets in Place.

3 Det Tin.

Drill Det Tin with drill dets on Right.

Ford Motor company Det Tin X

Drill Det Group.

Australian Det Tin


Australian Det Tin


Canadian 12 Det Tin

Egyptian Det Tin X

Det group Primers in Transit Box

Selection of detonators WW1 X

Launching Cartridge Tin.

Launching Cartridge Tin and Cartridges

Enfield No36 Cup Discharger and No23 Cradle

Base plug Tools.

Right Centre tube Removing Tool, Middle Striker Setting tool & Base plug Removing and Tightening tool.

Mills Mold.

No 4 Israeli Det tin